“I want every person in Tucson to have the opportunity to succeed.”


Meet Rob

Hi, my name is Rob Elias, and I am a proud Tucsonan.

I’m also the father of a ten year old girl named Macy, and she is the reason I am running for Tucson City Council. Tucson is a great place to live, and the decisions we make over the next ten years will determine our future. I want Tucson to be a city filled with so much opportunity that my daughter will decide to stay in Tucson and raise her own family here.

My family has called Tucson home for generations, and it was always the place I wanted to call home. I was born here and graduated from Tucson High School, before attending Pima Community College and the University of Arizona. At U of A, I played baseball and graduated with a degree in Political Science. After a short time pursuing a career as a professional baseball player, I returned to Tucson to begin a new chapter in my life.

I began working at a local credit union, working my way up to become the Vice President of Marketing at the age of 26. I was later named one of Tucson’s Top 40 Executives Under 40. Currently, I work at the Tucson Botanical Gardens as the Director of Marketing Communications, and I own a consulting practice where I help small businesses become more successful. I also co-founded the Oro Valley Music Festival with my brother, which has had a multi-million dollar economic impact on the region.

I’m running for Tucson City Council to help the city I love meet the challenges of the future. Tucson helped raise me and it has given me the opportunity to succeed. I want all Tucsonans to have access to those opportunities. As a city we face many challenges, but we also have so many advantages and the tools to realize the future we want. For Tucson to be successful, we must create an inclusive environment that celebrates the rich diversity that is core to our identity. 

Rob Elias

Rob Elias

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“Building Tucson's future economy means bringing in more jobs, especially jobs that pay better with great benefits.“

Rob Elias  |  Candidate for Tucson City Council



Our Economy: Better Paying Jobs and Improved Education

Building Tucson's future economy means bringing in more jobs, especially jobs that pay better with great benefits. We need jobs that you can raise a family on, and Tucson is well-positioned to grow jobs in the science, transportation, logistics, and tourism sectors. 

In order to attract these types of jobs, we’ll need to better prepare our own talent pool through a heightened focus on education at all levels. As a product of public schooling, Rob knows the importance of developing a sustainable workforce in Tucson while attracting great jobs that will keep our talent in our great city.  Building a home-grown employee base through our schools is paramount and we must continue to be an advocate for increased funding for education. 

Our Community: Protecting Tucson's Residents and Neighborhoods

Tucson is a community that welcomes everyone. We know that the diversity of our community is a strength and that celebrating the cultures that make up the fabric of our city will lead us to prosperity. It is imperative that our elected leaders reinforce those values and protect vulnerable populations. That means protecting refugees and immigrants who enrich and contribute to our city.

It is also important that we keep Tucson a safe place to live. This means supporting our first responders and ensuring that Tucson's Police and Fire departments must have the resources they need to perform a very difficult task. We must further invest in the trainings and technologies to better help them safely do their job.

We know that Tucson is blessed with amazing neighborhoods. As Tucson continues to grow with new development, we must protect the unique character, heritage and beauty of our neighborhoods. This means greater communication and transparency with neighborhood leaders and greater collaboration from the very beginning and before development occurs.  We must also do a better job of telling the story of who Tucson is and what it means to be a Tucsonan. Engaging in these conversations from the beginning will ensure that Tucson can grow without diluting what we are.

Our Environment: Protecting Tucson’s Natural Beauty

Our beautiful desert environment is our greatest asset and we must do more to protect it. With his work for the Tucson Botanical Gardens, Rob knows that tourism and outdoor life are major economic drivers for our city and our region. This asset must be protected, and we must do more to protect Tucsonans from the effects of climate change. This means increasing our renewable energies through solar and wind while reducing our CO2 emissions.

By making these investments, we can ensure that Tucson attracts green energy jobs that are here to stay, while also ensuring our city continues to be a great place to live for future generations.


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